SCROLL – The SCripture Reference OnLine Library

I am attempting to begin a project I have wanted to start for several years now.

Whenever I read a book, I take record its scripture references in a notebook, using a simple notation:

Name of Book
Page#.Paragraph#, Type, Scripture Reference

For example, from The Sayings of the Desert Fathers, I have made the following notations:

81.3 Q Ps 87:7
81.3 Q Is 35:10
90.1 M Josh 14:7-11
102.0 Q Mt 22:21

(The third paragraph on page 81 quotes two passages. The first paragraph on page 90 mentions five verses without quoting them verbatim. The paragraph at the top of page 102, continued from the preceding page, quotes one passage.)

The type of reference can be a quote (Q), a mention (M) such as “(cf. Jn 3:16)”, or an allusion (A) where the passage of scripture is referred to but without an actual reference provided.

I am keen on making this library available to others who want to use it, whether for Bible studies, or for writing of homilies/sermons, or for any other purpose. I would also like to expand it to include other media, not just books. Things like articles, hymns, poems, perhaps even not-written media.

To that end, I’m putting out a request for interest. If you would find such a resource helpful, or if you would be willing to contribute to it (and, if need be, verify other people’s contributions to it), please let me know.

I essentially have the code in place to support a web site interface (and API as well) to the database; if it becomes popular enough, I would need assistance in developing an app for it.

Scriptural index to the Divine Office?

Does anyone know of a Scripture index to the Divine Office? I would like to look up a Scripture verse and know if there are any hours on any days that use that verse.

The closest I’ve come is to simply search (for example) for a phrase like “1 John 2” in Google, and then comb through the results, but I imagine the Divine Office web sites out there have their information stored in a database, and it would be great to have access to such an index at a very high level.

If one does not exist, I am MORE than happy to develop one. I just need people who have access to the complete Divine Office (I only have the single volume “Christian Prayer” edition) to supply the information. 🙂