Study Tools

  • Catechism Search Engine
    • Search by section, paragraph, keyword, or Scripture reference
    • One-click search for today’s Scripture readings from Mass
  • Summa Theologiae Search Engine
    • Search by citation, keyword, or Scripture reference
    • Links to’s online Summa for complete text
  • Church Fathers Search Engine
    • Search only by Scripture reference
    • Links to’s online Church Fathers library for complete text
  • Catholic Community Commentary on the Bible (beta)
    • Demo: 1 Peter
    • Cross-references to other Scripture verses and to the Catechism, the Summa, and Church Father writings
    • Footnotes
    • Community commentary coming soon!

5 Replies to “Study Tools”

  1. Very much agree with Owen. The potential for the Community Commentary is huge. Aside from that, the search engines for the Catechism, Summa and Church Fathers are extremely appreciated!

  2. I have started a Facebook for my parish and will link your blog to it.Thanks for a place where we can go and find out more of our faith.

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